One Click Llama Button helper

Demo mode!

I have added a poor man's version of OCLB to this page, so you can try the script out. As an added bonus, you don't even need the userscript installed to test it!
The SPAM icons will return to normal after a short period of time.
Spam score: 0

Known issues

OCLB Helper may still have several compatibility issues with Opera. On these browsers, I recommend keeping the script disabled most of the time and only enabling it when you want to share lots of llama love.

OCLB Helper works with the new Firefox with TamperMonkey
The llama count may show zero when a page loads, and then correct itself after you give a llama.
Requires One Click Llama Button

Get the script here


Made improvements to the walk-forward process, added delay to initial llama count to allow OCLB to finish doing its thing


Fixed a small error in 0.21


OCLB Helper will crawl through a group's memberlist until it reaches a page that has llama buttons


OCLB Helper works with the exchanger page on Kishan's site. Updated URLs to HTTPS


OCLB Helper hidden from llamatrade iframe.


Big llama button does not display the llama count in shruken mode


Big llama button will now re-enable after the script reaches the end of its processing run


Double spam button should be less common
Icon moved to bottom right
Hover panel has larger font size and provides more detailed breakdown of llama buttons


Vast UI improvements:
Icon shown at bottom left corner, rather than text box
Image overlayed with number of Give buttons
On hover, displays breakdown of llama giving


Disabled 0.12 code due to race condition with OCLB


Fixed minor typo in code


Gets the info panel to hide when no llamas to give


Added URL to script for updating


First version as installable script